22 July 2009

Weird Advert

Upon returning from work, I've been watching a lot of late-night TV recently (mostly Conan and Jimmy Fallon), and I've frequently been seeing these weird Palm Pre ads:

This girl is extremely creepy. I mean, why is she so pale? Why does she move so stiltedly? What is up with that hair? Why does she speak in that weird subdued voice? And on what distant planet is she?

The commercial really raises more questions than it answers and certainly doesn't make me want to buy a Palm Pre despite the fact that the phone looked pretty sweet when Jimmy Fallon was pimping it on his show.

Also, I was digging this earlier ad campaign (or at least the song, "Doorway" by IO Echo):

I guess I'm just trying to figure out where Sprint's going with albino girl on tranquilizers...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She was actually the star of the Disney Channel original movie Stepsister from Planet Weird. I don't know why they chose her, except that she does look like an alien who may know more than we think she knows.


(still Jamie)