20 July 2009

Beneath our oaks hast slept

As is always the case, but seems particularly so this year, summer is passing me by all too quickly. I am thoroughly enjoying my internship here at The Dispatch, and I am even beginning to warm to Columbus itself. But all too soon (in about 4 weeks) I will be leaving here for good. And it certainly feels like I only just got here.

I am, however, getting increasingly excited about my return back to Smith. Despite my many complaints about that place, I am looking forward to that beautiful campus, seeing my friends again, great classes and the many responsibilities I will be taking on in the fall. I'm already fulfilling some elements of my roles as Dawes House HC and Sophian editor-in-chief and can't wait to do more.

But I can't help to feel like this summer has passed me by. Combined with my Parisian nostalgia and looks to the future the present has become a bit of a blur. It is great to be working though, and even better to be working in an exciting and challenging position that offers me something new every night. So, no complaints here, just hoping to make the best of the rest of the summer.

Musique: "Le Chemin" Kyo

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