20 July 2009

Daylight and catching air

Very much in love with this song and video:

Also, the end of the clip reminds me of the artwork of Robin Rhode
, (perfect segue) whose first major solo exhibit, Catch Air: Robin Rhode, I just saw and enjoyed at the Wexner Center for the Arts, a really cool music, film and contemporary art venue on OSU's campus.

He's an innovated South African artist who works with photography, video and performance art, to touch on issues of poverty and materialism and mess with perception. The majority of his works involve two-dimensional paintings or chalkings in which he or another subject interacts to create three-dimensional scenes, defying perception and telling a unique story.

Robin Rhode, "Untitled, Dream House," 2005. (Photo courtesy of ICA Boston via flickr)

He's definitely worth checking out – as are Matt and Kim.

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