25 January 2009


I’m not getting my hopes up because I know how these things go, and I haven’t even gotten anything yet, but I did receive an intriguing e-mail from the Columbus Dispatch late Friday night.

I applied – late – for a summer copy-editing internship with them. They have just informed me that I am among the five or six finalists that they are considering for the position. If they decide that I am one of their preferred candidates, they will be setting up a phone interview this week.

I’ve never really interviewed for a position of this caliber so if I am selected for an interview, I am going to be nervous beyond belief. I don’t particularly interview well, but maybe I look good enough on paper to make up for it.

It’s funny that earlier this week, I was settling into the idea of actually being home for the summer. I haven’t been home for more than two weeks in almost two years, so it would be pretty nice to be nestled into the West Michigan area for an extended period of time, especially after being in a (literally) foreign land.

This revelation made the contact from the Columbus Dispatch unexpected and nearly disconcerting. I at first was not sure if I would even want the position anymore. But it does pay well, and in this difficult economic climate that is hitting newspapers across the country, it is my (hopefully) extensive experience that will set me apart. Plus, Columbus isn’t so far from home that I couldn’t drive back for a weekend or two throughout the summer.

I’m just trying to keep my mind and options open and not set my sights on anything in particular. I learned the hard way how much it hurts when you put your heart into something, so I’m trying my best to stay completely impartial, and come what may, I will be happy.

Musique: "Against All Odds" The Postal Service


Spedding into Technology said...

HI Abby
I love your currently reading list...I'm reading Twlight right now...just started it on Friday.

Abby said...

I love it too! I'm so glad I finally have time to read for pleasure...and in places like the Louvre!

Regarding Twilight: I was majorly peer-pressured into reading it, but it actually wasn't too bad. I hope you like it!

Spedding into Technology said...

I am reading Twlilight because Corey recommended it. I figure it will give me something to talk to him about besides soccer, which I know basically nothing about. I think it was written at about a 5th grade level. It's not exactly great literature but it is somewhat entertaining.