03 January 2009

New Year. New Blog.

I’ve grown tired of polluting my Paris blog with anxieties and reflections of the navel-gazing variety that have little to do with la vie parisienne.

Donc, I am creating this auxiliary blog for my random, non-Paris-related musings.

Perhaps I am devolving to a genre of fruitless self-reflection akin to that which I previously resisted. I had always thought blogs of this nature were silly and self-indulgent, but now that I have gotten a taste for the intriguing genre of prose that manifests itself within a blog, I can’t get enough.

My first self-indulgent reflection: New Year’s resolutions. I am never big on these. I rarely make them and am even less likely to stick to them. But I have a couple for this year:

I hope to stay close to my loved ones and keep in touch with friends and family afar. I have always had trouble keeping in touch with people, but I feel like I am already doing better at this since I’ve been in Paris. With so many means of communication at my fingertips, it shouldn’t be hard, but I know it will be a challenge nonetheless.

My second resolution will be infinitely more difficult for me. I vow to do what makes me happy. It sounds easy enough, but there are a number of factors involved in this. The most difficult aspect is to attempt to stop thinking of what others would think of my choices. I have always had a weakness and a fear for some mythical force of peers who I believe to judge my every decision. I need to overcome this self-consciousness and reliance on others. Instead, I need to prioritize what it is that truly makes me happy and do it. Simple as that.

Simple as this.

Call me a navel-gazer.

Musique: "DontGetIt" Lil Wayne

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